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Are you Looking for Quality Ethnic String Arrangements?

New Day Music Scores provides educational arrangements for string orchestra in a variety of world music styles.

These educational ethnic arrangements represent a variety of world music genres. Care is given in each part to replicate authentic bowings, and embellishments.

Traditional melodies for orchestra, quartet, or solo violin with piano or chordal lead sheets from Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Ireland and more!

Written for -- and inspired by -- Students

Most of these arrangements were developed from working closely with students: writing parts to realize their strengths, address their weaknesses and give them joy in the process of developing their musicality. Many melodies are repeated multiple times so that the ear becomes aquainted with them but the textures and tunes rotate amongst the players keeping the music fresh and alive.

Convincing and compelling, all parts are arranged with authentic bowings, harmonies and ornementation. The Buffalo Suzuki Strings thrilled the Irish with our arrangement on their tour to Ireland.

These educational ethnic arrangements in a variety of world music genres are flexible in their instrumentation, allowing non-stringed instruments such as flute, accordian, and percussion, to participate if desired.

Students love these lively traditional melodies that are arranged in such a way that everyone can join in the fun.

View live video performances and listen to quality sound recordings below!

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Kuzeydeki Köy
String Orchestra/Quartet

Selction from the north of Turkey in 7/8. Middle Eastern instruments and percussion can be added to the score for added flavor. $34.95

Cantare De Nunta
String Orchestra/Quartet
A traditional wedding piece from the Moldavian region of Romania with rich harmonies. $29.95
Folk Dance
String Orchestra/Quartet
This lively folk dance melody is slowly passed from the lower to the upper strings. Ricochet Col Legno hints at the strumming of Balalaikas. $29.95
String Orchestra and Percussion
Composition by Ryad al-Sunbati meaning call and reponse. An excellent teaching tool concerning trading melodies back and forth. $34.95
Coleraine Celtic Set
String Orchestra
A rousing set of jigs and reels performed by the Buffalo Suzuki Strings on their Ireland tour. Guitar, Bouzouki and Piano can be added to the score. $39.95

J.S. Bach
Mini Musette
Mini Piano Concerto and
Elementary Strings
This arrangement allows beginners to accompany an intermediate pianist and exposes them to the concerto form. $29.95
There is Love - Water is Wide
String Quartet
Two wonderfully arranged wedding selections. Love includes lyrics for voice and a chord lead sheet. $19.95
Jig / Slip Jigs
String Orchestra & Soloist
O'Buck's, O'Farrell's, Welcome to Limerick, Hardiman the Fiddler. An original mixolydian jig and two slip jigs for solo instrument and string orchestra. $29.95
String Orchestra & Soloist
Tuttle's, Paddy, Fahey's, Bonnie-Kate and Mason's Apron. Four reels for Irish fiddler and string quartet/orchestra. Easy grade-three accompaniment. $29.95
Irish Aire
Wails for Whales
String Orchestra & Solo Instrumentalist

A beautiful lament for whales which uses recorded whale songs which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. $34.95

Middle Eastern Percussion demonstration By Nikolai Ruskin (former director of the Cornell University Middle Eastern Ensemble.)

If you are interested in having Max give a workshop or performance he would be happy to talk with you. Just contact him.

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